W W Welcome to the D&D World

The First Two Sessions

So, guys: The Story So Far…..

For myriad reasons, your characters traveled from the city of Vakr to the Nentir Vale. After a brief rest in Fallcrest, you traveled west, to Winterhaven, a small village near the Cairngorm Mountains.

Here, at Winterhaven, you discovered evidence of a cult of Orcus, using the abandoned ruin of Shadowfell Keep as a base. You took on a quest from Lord Padraig to clear the ruined keep and restore peace to the land.

In the midst of your quest, you rescued Douven Stahl, an explorer and archaeologist who had been captured by minions of the Orcus cult. As well, you defeated a lair full of kobolds, led by Irontooth, a goblin lieutenant of the cult’s leader, Kalarel.

Throughout the keep, you tangled with many creatures; minions of Kalarel, various undead, and even threats to the keep’s denizens (remember the blue slime and the gelatinous cube!). But at last, you persevered, defeating Kalarel (who was dragged into the portal) and clearing the keep of most threats.

Then, on your way to Thunderspire Labyrinth, you met up with Teldorthan, a dwarven armorer who needed help retrieving his dragonskin. You headed down to Kobold Hall, only to find the original occupant (kobolds) deceased and the halls home to a gang of orcs. You made short work of the orcs and returned the dragonskin (and then some) to Teldorthan in the city of Fallcrest. That is where you remain, ready to strike out for Thunderspire Labyrinth.



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