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Session Three

After a brief rest in Fallcrest, each hero found various reasons to travel to Thunderspire Labyrinth, a maze of tunnels deep beneath Thunderspire Mountain. The main settlement within the mountain is the Seven-Pillared Hall, home to many people of various races. You rescued a young halfling man named Rendil Halfmoon, who became a friend and source of information. He also put you up at his family’s place, The Halfmoon Inn.

While looking for the Bloodreavers, you happened upon a deathlock wight named Az’Al-Bani, who was looking for the Court of Bones. After you told him of the location (good roll!), he attempted to kill you. He was unsuccessful. You then discovered the location of the Bloodreavers’ hideout, killing the leader Krand and finding some information to help you locate the missing Riverdown folk. You then confronted several representatives of the Grimmerzhul Clan on their connection to the missing people. A fight erupted, and only you walked away. Towards the Horned Hold, an outpost for the Grimmerzhuls. After finding a back way into the outpost, you freed the slaves and killed the head of the Grimmerzhuls, Murkelmor. When you awoke from your rest, you found the keep abandoned. You led the freed slaves to the Seven-Pillared Hall, and you went on to have several drinks in the Halfmoon Inn.



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